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Convert Existing Keyway Trigauge to Digital Readout: $499.00
We can take your existing model keyway trigauge and convert it to
Digital Micrometer heads with 50 millionths rendering for data collection.

Parts List

Calibrate with Certification : $90.00 + Parts

Recondition with Certification : $120.00 + Parts

After 1 year of use, we recommend that the gauge be recalibrated/reconditioned.

Case included with Purchase of each Trigauge.

Model R, Tri-Gauge:
Features horizontal and vertical indicators with sliding dovetails and sensitive probe tips. These work in conjunction with micrometer. Tri-Gauge has accuracy down to .0005 of an inch (.01mm). The first of its kind. Tri-Gauge performs three critical measurements on shafts from 5/8" (16 mm) dia. to 6" (154mm) dia.

Cost: $1392.00

Cost with Digital Readout: $1790.00

Model L, Tri-Gauge:
Designed by machinists and quality assurance people for today's machinists. Patented, precise, productive. Same design as Model R with capabilities for three critical measurements on larger shafts from 6" (154mm) dia. to 16" (407mm) dia. Helps eliminate lost production time and waste parts.

Cost: $1595.00

Cost with Digital Readout: $2037.00

Model S, Tri-Gauge:
Same design features as larger model Tri-Gauges except no indicator and probe related to measurement or perpendicularly of sidewalls. The latter measurement is not practical.

Cost: $1162.00

Cost with Digital Readout: $1622.00

Model SW, Tri-Gauge:
Same general concept as the Tri-Gauge, but designed specifically for precise measurement of centerline measurement of Woodruff Keys and bottomless keyways on bushings. Small Woodruff Gauge is designed for American Standard keys #404 to #807. Has Tri-Gauge precision and practicality.

Cost: $1162.00

Cost with Digital Readout: $1622.00

Model LW, Tri-Gauge:
A larger version of the Model SW Woodruff Gauge. Precision centerline measurement of Woodruff Keys and bottomless keyways on bushings for American Standard keys from #608 to the largest. An essential production tool for your work centers.

Cost: $1162.00

Cost with Digital Readout: $1622.00

A separate accessory, custom made to fit your specific tapered shafts, is used in conjunction with the Keyway Tri-Gauge to take the three critical keyway measurements at the job site. Only the application (tapered shafts) is somewhat different. There are no differences in the many advantages gained with the easy to achieve accuracy of the Keyway Tri-Gauge. To order your gauge for tapered shafts, send a fax with your shaft dimensions.

Cost: Call or Fax for Estimate

Informational Video:
If you wish to learn more about the Keyway Tri-Gauge, this informational video will show you the gauge in action.

Cost: $17.00

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